Security With Comfort

Technocrime guards are discrete in both action and appearance. Many hotels maintain a businesslike environment in everything they do, including the uniforms worn by their front desk staff. Since security guard uniforms contrast strongly with the desired ambience, Technocrime provides guards with business attire that lets them blend in tastefully to your hotel’s environment.

Understanding The Environment

Hotels are often hives of activity in which individual acts are lost in the bustle. Technocrime’s experts in access and traffic control provide the assistance you need to make day-to-day operations and special events, such as weddings and conferences, run without a glitch. Whether conference exhibitors need guidance on bringing their wares into an exhibit hall or caterers need unfettered access to a service entrance, courteous Technocrime professionals are literally standing by.

That tasteful appearance is visible anywhere that Technocrime’s presence is desired. Parking lots are monitored, so the vehicles your guests arrive in are also the vehicles they use when they check out. A careful eye on loading docks helps ensure that food, cleaning supplies, and other “consumables” arrive at their destinations within the hotel.


Service First

Restaurants, which are often open to the public as well as guests, stay under a discreet watch so the servers and maitre d’ can focus more completely on serving your clients.

Letting your staff focus on serving your valued guests is what Technocrime brings to your establishment. Given training that’s second to none in the security industry, every Paragon guard is ready to handle the security challenges your hotel may face.


Our Hospitality Security Services include:

  • Front / Info desk
  • High profile foot & car patrols
  • Video monitoring
  • Intruder / trespasser management
  • Contractor supervision
  • Health & safety training
  • Staff vetting & background check
  • Access / Key control management
  • Security awareness seminars
  • Safety & emergency protocol enforcement