A Safe Place to Heal

Your community looks to you for care & treatment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether yours is a walk-in clinic or a large hospital, you run a welcoming place of healing, not a locked down fortress. Unfortunately, some people may take advantage of that openness, and dealing with non-medical issues is not what your hospital staff signed on for. Let the security experts at Technocrime help you deliver the expertise they’re recognized for by taking responsibility for the services we’re recognized for.

Understanding the Environment

Your security team is critical to minimizing and managing risk. A healthcare environment poses more risks than most other applications combined. The staff we assign must conduct themselves in a manner which not only minimizes risk, but also maximizes the experience of your patients and their visitors as best we can.

We need to align our goals and objectives with your mission and values, with a view to ensuring every exchange is an opportunity to impress. We often only get one opportunity to make a hospital experience better.

Healthcare security is unique. It is demanding. It can be very rewarding. Careful selection of the right personnel is our commitment. Responsive, available management is our guarantee. We will work with you to customize a staffing profile and service delivery model that helps you achieve your objectives.

Our Healthcare Security Services include:

  • Front / Info desk
  • High profile foot & car patrols
  • Video monitoring
  • Intruder / trespasser management
  • Contractor supervision
  • Health & safety training
  • Staff vetting & background check
  • Access / Key control management
  • Security awareness seminars
  • Safety & emergency protocol enforcement