Our Guarantee

For over 20 years in the security industry, specifically in areas such as guards training, human resource development and personal selection, I’ve come to believe that there were better methods of service delivery to the customer and even better ways to keep security officers motivated.

To achieve my vision, and to help me establish Technocrime Security, I selected a team of outstanding security professionals who shared this vision. Working together, we have developed creative customer service programs and meaningful career paths for our line officers and supervisors.

The quality of our people is our guarantee to you. The demand for security is constantly evolving. Whether in good times or in bad, there is a need for more refined and specialized security. With the two solid operational platforms in Nigeria we are determined to focus on our core values and deliver value-added security services. The key drivers for this will be a constant development of service concepts, specialization towards specific customer needs, and finding and developing people with the right knowledge and attitude. Our enhanced focus on business risk evaluation and handling of contracts and claims-will ensure the quality of our service.

The specialized divisions now have strong management teams with a firm grip of their businesses; they have ambitious plans for the future and they have the energy and resources to fulfill them. Altogether, we are in a pole position to continue to drive growth and profitability in Technocrime and to lead the industry development. As always our strategy is two fold-to spend the time it takes to demonstrate strong organic development. And that has been demonstrated, to leverage the Technocrime Model at the right time by buying new businesses and offering new services.

Give us the opportunity to serve you, and I promise you will not need to look elsewhere for the very best in protection service.

– A.U. AZUYA – (President/CEO)