Commercial Security

Your tenants run businesses, and much like you, they arrive at the office each day ready to please their customers. To do so, they depend on you for a safe environment.

Let the experts at Technocrime Security help you create that environment.

Patrols throughout the day, depending on your needs, put a visible Technocrime presence where you need it most. That may include loading docks, washrooms, stairwells, places where laptops are kept, and any other spots you and Technocrime identify in a security analysis of your premises. We know what to cover, so you can be confident of your building’s security.

Our Commercial Security Services are:

  • Access control management
  • Courteous, efficient and helpful front desk staff
  • Video monitoring
  • Foot patrols throughout the premises
  • Foot and vehicle patrols in parking facilities
  • Prompt open-ups and lockups on schedule
  • Strict key control
  • Presence on loading docks to prevent load theft
  • Guards escort moving crews, facilitating their jobs in several ways
  • Ensure that entrances are kept free and safe
  • Cleaning staff monitored by security guards
  • Health & safety training
  • Staff vetting & background check
  • Technocrime guards quickly enact emergency procedures
  • Keep legal liability low and undesirable people away
  • Guards keep management informed
  • Security awareness seminars for tenants